Monday, October 19, 2009


I was always the little sister asking why you won't play.
Just for today I get to be you:
Is this what you were thinking?
Dirty clothes
from playing in the dirt
marker smudged face
make believe is still your favorite game
I can no longer stand the sound of "lets pretend..."
you've asked me thousand times can we play make believe
Lets pretend that we're on the moon
no lets not
how about... "we're at the fair. ".... no.
Okay what do you think about cow boys.
I don't want to play make believe. I don't want to pretend anything.
Please. No. I'm to old to pretend things.
Covered wagon?
we used to play that all the time.
why don't you play anymore?
Stop talking, i'm trying to concentrate
pretty please with butter and cheese
Please stop
Why did you have to grow up?
(No response)
Hey, I've got an idea, lets pretend that you are my age.
I don't want to. I've got home work to do, and I'm too old for this.
I'm busy and I do grown up things, like go shopping and go to parties with my friends.

This is what you said
and this is what I think.
you were imagining being somewhere else.
Somewhere without me, with your "friends"
they are the same thing
You were pretending the whole time,
why didn't you let me play your game?
All I wanted to do was play make believe...

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