Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Depression Era Photos

I really love these kinds of photos. It might be because we grew up with a lot of books of photos like this in our house, I remember getting lost in the pages of these books, just looking at the people and wondering what their stories were, who they loved, where the dirt under their nails came from, what they saw when the lights turned off, etc. 

I found a bunch of depression era photos on this site, shorpy.com and I highly recommend that you give their photo archive a few glances. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crafting With Burlap

What should I do with the Burlap sack that I just got from work?  I found all of these ideas on Pinterest, but none of them are really speaking to me. I like the pillow for sure, but the piece of Burlap that I have has a design printed on it. I think that the re-upholstery of the furniture is lovely, so great, but I think that that kind of thing requires actual skill to make it look good. I like the simple sign for "Laundry". I could imagine a bunch of signs like that at a wedding or a party; "Dancing, Food, Photo-booth..." I think that my favorite is the headboard, that's amazing to me. If I had more burlap than I would probably do that, but alas I only have one sack. We shall see what happens, I will post pictures of what I decide to do.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A few more pictures.

Just a few more pictures from my super fun weekend with Moriah Spicer. I really do love and miss that girl. We have such a fun time together. Also, I am pretty pissed that they photos that she takes on her point and shoot turn out just as good as my pictures taken on my FANCY camera. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And we danced...

I had so much fun this weekend with my sister. Felt like way longer than three days. Please start planning your next visit right now. We did a million fun things... Went to Raleigh, Stopped by the Bins, Watched 'mean girls', jammed on the guitar, took some photos, ate so much good food, so much, wore our finest clothes, listened to the anthem of or sisterhood on repeat, etc. 

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