Monday, January 9, 2012

A Nod To The Past

I dug through the archives and I found photos of what I wore on my first days of high school. I went to boarding school, but only for three years. My first year of high school I went to public school and I would rather die then share those photos with the world. Incidentally, I am only going to share two photos here, because what I wore on the first day of high school last year it just too terribly to bare. Really I'm not sure how I made friends, these outfits are not so great. Hopefully I do better this year!

Some Outfits

As many of you know, I am leaving for college in a couple of days. The school is called Warren Wilson and it's in Asheville, North Carolina. I am really excited about it, but one thing, one really big thing stands between me and my first day: What I'm going to wear... I know that it doesn't really matter what I wear, especially at a school like Warren Wilson, but I still feel like it's a big deal. 

Here are some outfit shots: 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oven Mitts for FLORIOLE

I worked at a bakery called Floriole for three months. I decided to make them a little gift: Oven Mitts that spell out the name of the Bakery.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I miss you sis

Moriah Spicer,

I miss you like the winter misses snow. I miss you like our kitchen misses NPR. I miss you like 'This American Life' would miss Ira if anything ever happened to him. You get the point: I miss you.

I want to say thank you to you, for letting me invade you life, and being so gracious about it. And thanks for not being too mad when I took the laundry-quarters to use as bus fare.

You showed me a good time big sister. You are an amazing person and I look up to you in more ways then I will bother to count.

Lets be friends forever,

Leah Spicer


I have been working on a craft project. It's not quite done yet but here is a sneak peak, expect more photos.

Happy New Year

I am just going to be honest here and tell you the truth about my New Years: I was babysitting for my niece and nephew.

No parties, no booze, no gateway drugs, just some burritos, a lot of books, and Shrek. And guess what? It was great. I had a really fun time with Haven and Lucah, they were sweet and challenging at times, but there was really no other place that I would rather have been. I love those two. I cannot wait to see how they grow up!!

Winter Market

It's nice to be home, sort of. I feel a little like I am in prison, but it's mostly nice. I went to Farmers market with my mom last Saturday, it was nice to see the outside world after being down on the farm for like ten days.

Something about the space was so beautiful and I got the best picture of my mom.

Sawdust and Glue

Over the Holidays we made ornaments out of sawdust and glue. I was skeptical too, but then I tried it and it really worked. The sawdust and glue make a sort of soft clay that can be dyed colors and formed into shapes.

The family sat around the table making ornaments and chatting. At first it was fun and then it got sort of competitive and borderline agressive. This isn't really out of the normal for our family. I love competition, I feel that it fuels creativity. Here are some pictures of the ornaments that we made:

Photos From Christmas


My thoughts about the photos, top to bottom, left to right: What beautiful parents. Isaac rocks stripes with stripes. Notice the Christmas Tree ornament flung round Moriah's neck. Now that's good style, maybe? I highly recommend making ornaments that have your face on them, very rewarding. Pearls and Heels. No Comment. The cover of my new Hip-Hop Album. Dear Friends. Wilderness Romp. 
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