Thursday, December 27, 2012


It was a really great Christmas this year. It was my first away from home and it was GREAT! 
I was really touched by the gifts that everyone gave to me. I feel honored to have the friends and family that I do. I cannot stress how much my parents killed it on the gifts this year. I am terribly grateful to be the daughter of the such wonderful and kind people. I can only hope that i grow up to be a little bit like them! I hope that you all had a great holiday too!

--Started the day off with some good strong coffee and some mixed nuts. 
--Proceeded to make cookies.
--That bowl looked so pretty. 
--Orange zest and sugar for my favorite cookie recipe. Molasses sugar cookies with orange sugar. 
--I was really tired all day on Christmas because we stayed up really late wrapping presents and cutting my hair. I also might have been really tired because I began drinking the moment that I woke up and didn't stop until midnight. 
--My roommate and I opened presents together. 
--She has the prettiest red hair, and she wrote me a rap song for my present. 
--The Christmas Porch. 
--Another picture of the ornaments that my friend Kiley made for the porch. 
--Our tree and my stocking. 
--Oh God. 
--I got many things for Christmas including a haircut! 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

Photos from around the house

Yesterday morning I woke up with the crafting fever. I was unstoppable. I made a bunch of things and everything turned out really well. 
--It's turtleneck weather here. 
--That paper thing is like a paper snowflake but better
--Pinwheels are easy to make, who knew? 
--Variation on the "paper thing" pictured earlier
--I put an eye patch on that cat and a sunset in the background 
--Dinner table set for the dining 
--Yarn Garland 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Best Site Ever

I was reading my favorite blog, Bleubird, yesterday and I loved this post. I looked at the site, FAB, that she recommended and I fell in love. Here are some things that I loved from there:

Christmas Shopping here I come!! 

Entering the digital age

We just got internet at our house. Today I joined Pinterest! You can follow me here! I also became and Amazon Prime member so that I can stream massive amounts of tv online! Life is good.

Photos from around the house

--I have been drinking so much Hot Chocolate recently. It's so good. 
--Flowers still blooming in October. 
--Goods from the farmers market. 
--More of that hat. 
--I love that this photo looks like it might be black and white but its actually not. 

I am a little upset about the camera that I bought on EBAY. This is what happened, it arrived in the mail and I realized that the thing didn't come with the memory card. So like $13.95 later I had one and everything was great. Then though, I realized that the battery was running low. No problem just stick it in the battery charger that came with the camera. Except, except, that the charger that came with the camera was not the kind of charger that you need to charge a camera battery. Its like some AA battery charger from the 90's.

Don't expect many photos for a while because I need to wait till my replacement battery charger gets here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I love Madewell so much. They have the best clothes and shoes. I really want these little beauties. They are exclusively available at Madewell.


I am obsessed with GIMP. Seriously. Also this is a tomato from our garden. It was delicious. 

Photos From Around the House

-Been knitting up a storm over here. 
-I love the way that our house looks at night. 
-Our house was so messy this morning. Sometimes mess is beautiful. 
-I got these "grapes" from the farmers market. They are called Muscadines. So good. 
-Ketchup and Mustard colored hat. 

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