Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My New Bag

This is my new bag, I love it. I got it for 18 dollars at a consignment store called Artifacts, in Iowa City.

I wish that it had a wider shoulder strap.

And I really wish that I hand't spilled coffee all over it this morning.

New Project

Working on a new project, I like to call it "journal as art". 

These are the first two pages:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Maple Syrup

Last year was a record Maple Syrup year, production in Wisconsin was at 200,000 gallons, which is the highest on record and 33 percent above 2008. In 2009 maple syrup sold from 25-45 dollars per gallon.

This year Wisconsin had a rough year for Maple Syrup, not enough cold nights and warm days. Projected Maple Syrup collection is down by 40%.

This means that the 40 gallons of sap that my parents collected, which has been reduced to one gallon of syrup, is worth somewhere between 35-55 dollars per gallon.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Napkin Tags

Why is it that inspiration is at its best at night? Late at night, after everything that I'm going to get done is done, I suddenly get the urge to create. The night feels like it stretches on forever, as I sew and cut and paste, and draw. But why? Why is it always late at night?

This is a project that I did in preparation for a craft fair, late at night.


I have to admit that the playing card idea is not my own.

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