Friday, October 26, 2012

Best Site Ever

I was reading my favorite blog, Bleubird, yesterday and I loved this post. I looked at the site, FAB, that she recommended and I fell in love. Here are some things that I loved from there:

Christmas Shopping here I come!! 

Entering the digital age

We just got internet at our house. Today I joined Pinterest! You can follow me here! I also became and Amazon Prime member so that I can stream massive amounts of tv online! Life is good.

Photos from around the house

--I have been drinking so much Hot Chocolate recently. It's so good. 
--Flowers still blooming in October. 
--Goods from the farmers market. 
--More of that hat. 
--I love that this photo looks like it might be black and white but its actually not. 

I am a little upset about the camera that I bought on EBAY. This is what happened, it arrived in the mail and I realized that the thing didn't come with the memory card. So like $13.95 later I had one and everything was great. Then though, I realized that the battery was running low. No problem just stick it in the battery charger that came with the camera. Except, except, that the charger that came with the camera was not the kind of charger that you need to charge a camera battery. Its like some AA battery charger from the 90's.

Don't expect many photos for a while because I need to wait till my replacement battery charger gets here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I love Madewell so much. They have the best clothes and shoes. I really want these little beauties. They are exclusively available at Madewell.


I am obsessed with GIMP. Seriously. Also this is a tomato from our garden. It was delicious. 

Photos From Around the House

-Been knitting up a storm over here. 
-I love the way that our house looks at night. 
-Our house was so messy this morning. Sometimes mess is beautiful. 
-I got these "grapes" from the farmers market. They are called Muscadines. So good. 
-Ketchup and Mustard colored hat. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Best Wedding Blogs

I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED (anytime soon), but I do love to look at photos of other people's weddings.

I am going to share 5 photos of beautiful wedding ideas:

And these are my 5 of my favorite wedding blogs: 

Three Projects

Here are three craft projects that I love:

This one is from the blog: WHEN BOREDOM STRIKES 

This one is from the blog: LOVE IN MOTION 

And this one is from the blog: DIY HOME SWEET HOME

Photos from around the house

--I have always thought that a cool photo project would be a bunch of black and white photos that were         of things that we associate strongly with certain colors (those flowers are really yellow). 
--The porch is real nice this time of year. 
--These days I cannot drink enough coffee. 
--Big week for shows. Unfortunately Bird Man was canceled, but First Aid Kit rocked the house. 
--I got that plaid skirt. It's from Pendleton. I love it. That skirt is vintage, but I found one like it here
--It's amazing how lighting candles changes the mood so much. 
--I love keeping flowers in the house. 
--Handmade Napkins. 
--So happy about something. 

Two places, or a million, at the same time

I have been feeling a little sad about not living closer to my family recently. I really love it here in Asheville, I just wish that it was closer to my parents, and my sisters, and my nieces and nephews who are growing up so so so fast.

I feel so jealous of my sis Moriah who gets to go home all the time. Here are a few pictures that she took of the farm when she was home last weekend.

you can view these pictures and more at her blog:

Homemade Pickles

Weeks ago we got some cukes from the farmers market. I let them sit in the fridge and I tried to blame Joel for not dealing with them. Finally I decided that I just needed to do something before they went to waste.

I don't have the necessary for canning, like in a water bath, so I decided to make refrigerator pickles.

So easy. So easy.

One Part Water. One Part Vinegar. One Tablespoon of Salt per Two Cups. Dill. Garlic. Refrigerate for Two Weeks.


The Gimp

Some people are too cheap for Photoshop so they have to use free software from the web. Me. No problem. I love using The Gimp, its free and you can do really cool stuff with it. I highly recommend  it...
I learned how to do this cool thing with The Gimp:

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