Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Surprise Visit To The Farm

On Wednesday of last week I decided that I was going to go back to the farm that very weekend. My dear friend generously offered to use her airline miles to fly me back, so from wednesday to friday was a mad scramble to get my shifts at work covered and then book a flight, long story short it all worked out and on friday night I arrived at my childhood home. In the morning I came down the stairs and surprised my parents. 

A big thank you to Devorah Herman for getting me a ticket home, and to the folks that covered my shifts at work. 

I had an amazing time with my family, but I was strangely ready and happy to head back to Asheville. 

Here are a bunch of photos from the trip: 

Those pans are for boiling Maple Sap into Maple Syrup. 

My parents were so surprised to see me. 

Delicious french toast and eggs. 

Haven, my niece, man those kids grow up so fast. 

She is in that phase where she wears the same fancy dress constantly. 

Mo and I took a quick trip to the thrift store.

We found some weird stuff. 

Then we went to the grocery store and that was even weirder. 

Plants in the green house. 

Celery root. 

Jumping on the trampoline, so much fun, so much fun. 

Like two minutes after this, I really hurt myself. 

This is the edition that my bro Isaac is putting on his house, this used to be our chicken coop and now it is a bedroom for his kids. 

I love my brothers house so much. He did all the work himself. He has so much talent. 

I wish that this was my room. 

I love those details around the windows. 

This was a wonderful midday snack that we had. 

Art shot. 

My mom is so cute. 

Maple Syrup. 

My mom told me that my parents are going to try and not buy any sugar this year and only use maple syrup. 

So pretty. 

Making some deviled eggs. 

Getting ready for dinner. 

The food at the farm is so good. 

Playing the guitar and singing after dinner. 

Easter brunch. 

Dad and Mo looking so cute. 

Sourdough pancakes. 

Bacon, eggs, pancakes, and homemade yogurt with a ground-cherry compote. 

This is my favorite part of easter, Lamb Cake. 


Yum Yum YUm. Lamb cake head. 

Family Walk. 

My dad's getting old, he had to sit down in the middle of the road half way through our family walk. 

I had so many wonderful conversations while we were walking. 

The best part of the walk was when we all had an Eagle's sing along. The Eagle's are still my favorite band. 

When we got back from our walk my parents told me that I needed to go through all the stuff that I still have at the farm and either throw it out or take it back with me. I threw away so much stuff. It felt so good. 

My mom let me give her a trim. This is a huge deal because she hasn't cut her hair in over twenty years. 


I found this dress in my mom's closet. I want it so bad. 

Cream of Broc Soup. 

Some more wonderful food.

And more.

I am obsessed with Isaac's house. 

I miss the farm and my family, but I am happy to be back to my normal life. 

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