Friday, October 26, 2012

Photos from around the house

--I have been drinking so much Hot Chocolate recently. It's so good. 
--Flowers still blooming in October. 
--Goods from the farmers market. 
--More of that hat. 
--I love that this photo looks like it might be black and white but its actually not. 

I am a little upset about the camera that I bought on EBAY. This is what happened, it arrived in the mail and I realized that the thing didn't come with the memory card. So like $13.95 later I had one and everything was great. Then though, I realized that the battery was running low. No problem just stick it in the battery charger that came with the camera. Except, except, that the charger that came with the camera was not the kind of charger that you need to charge a camera battery. Its like some AA battery charger from the 90's.

Don't expect many photos for a while because I need to wait till my replacement battery charger gets here.

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