Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crafting With Burlap

What should I do with the Burlap sack that I just got from work?  I found all of these ideas on Pinterest, but none of them are really speaking to me. I like the pillow for sure, but the piece of Burlap that I have has a design printed on it. I think that the re-upholstery of the furniture is lovely, so great, but I think that that kind of thing requires actual skill to make it look good. I like the simple sign for "Laundry". I could imagine a bunch of signs like that at a wedding or a party; "Dancing, Food, Photo-booth..." I think that my favorite is the headboard, that's amazing to me. If I had more burlap than I would probably do that, but alas I only have one sack. We shall see what happens, I will post pictures of what I decide to do.

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