Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Each day you use the same grease covered tea kettle and one day you realize that it is disgusting. So you try and change it. If you've been listening, we've learned a lot about change from our president this year. We've learned that change comes slowly, it doesn't happen over night. So in the mean time we hope and thats what gets us through. Jessie Jackson told us to "keep hope alive" and thats really all that we can do. Wait with hope in our hearts for the change our mind wants. But I think that our president is wrong, change can come over night. You go to sleep and it's bleak and grey, in the morning you wake to the white blanket of snow. Who says bigger is better, small change causes as much as big changes. Like your newly shinning tea kettle.

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  1. Good luck with this blog ... you are definitely off to a good start.

    Very interesting thoughts ...


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