Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crafted by Yours Truly

Earlier today I was thinking about Halloween. First of all, it's really a waste of our time. The list of problems with Halloween are endless. I was thinking about bobbing for apples: Fall is the time that the weather is changing and people are getting sick. Why? Why, would I stick my mouth into a bucket of water and swish my saliva around with other peoples? Literally drinking your spit. I'm not really interested in that. Also where I come from the month of October is officially winter. There is no way to look cool with your costume over your snow suit. Children in my neck of the woods seem to adapt every princess, and evil witch costume to the obese version. So I don't like Halloween. Yes, candy is good. But contrary to my earlier beliefs, it's not free candy. It's not free because you have to invest all of this, time, wealth, and creative imagination into making a great costume. Even with this over whelming evidence that Halloween sucks, I seem to be unable to stop thinking about what I want to dress up as. I have two thoughts: Both are border line politically incorrect. 1. Michelle Obama 2. (this is a partner costume) The twin towers.*

*This idea was directly inspired by my sister, which is another way of saying, "politically incorrect".

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