Saturday, June 11, 2011

I hate my computer

That is a lie, I love my computer. But I feel like I am in over my head when I use my computer. I wish that I knew something about programing, or anything like that. I was trying to do some photo editing today with GIMP (I'm too cheap for Photoshop), and it was sooooooo difficult. I read through the entire online manual, like fifty pages of reading, and still didn't know how to easily separate an image from its background. Finally I figured it out, but I know that there must be an easier way.

This is a little project that I am working on for a local gift shop. Potholders!! Do you think that these are marketable? What other simple designs would look good?


  1. I like the egg one. I suggest a star potholder, and maybe a radish potholder.

  2. Thank you for the comment. I also like the egg one!!! Hmm stars can be good. Also birds. Except I cannot think of anything but the portlandia sketch whenever I see birds... Radish is a great idea!!! Also maybe a beet...


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