Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Almond Croissants

Yesterday I spent the entire day in the KITCHEN with my mom. What a fun time we had. We made a ton of baked goods and the best part about it is that I got paid for my hard work.

We made Almond Croissants, complete with homemade Almond Paste. I always feel a little intimidated when I make Croissants, but have no fear, they are actually hard to mess up. Also, I was super shocked when it was easy to make Almond Paste.

I will include a short description of how I made the Paste: Take one pound of almonds and put them in a food processor until they are the consistency of corn meal. Then mix in one and a half cup of sugar. Then blend in three eggs, three table spoons of cream, and a teaspoon of almond extract. The paste should be about the consistency of grits. Enjoy.

Here are some pictures of the baking extravaganza!!

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