Monday, June 25, 2012

Heading Home

I am heading home for a little visit soon. I am so excited. I love the farm so much. While I am there I am going to do a million things.

-play with my nieces and nephews
-say hi to the cows
-go on a canoeing trip with my sister
-help my parents in the garden
-eat and eat and eat
-jump on the trampoline
-swim in the pool
-pick food from the garden

I cannot wait to see my family. Family is the best. As my parents get older I value the time that I spend with them more and more. It's crazy to think that they won't always be there.

From the top:

-Scallops at christmas time
-Taco Fillings
-The kitchen at night
-My mom at farmers market
-My sweet sweet parents
-Laundry drying indoors
-Sink in the upstairs bathroom
-My parents bedroom
-Back of the house
-Compost pits 
-Milk in the fridge 
-Garlic from the garden 
-My parents record collection 
-Bathroom reads 
-Niece in the garden--photo credit Moriah Spicer 
-Just your average lunch at the farm--photo credit Moriah Spicer

1 comment:

  1. wow what a magical place to return to, every photo is just lovely. Monika.


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