Friday, September 14, 2012


I don't a set schedule at the job that I work. It's a weird feeling to have different days off every week. It's hard to make plans and have a week to week routine, but it's nice that it changes and you are free at different times and therefor able to do all different kinds of things. I no longer have that feeling of TGIF, it's nice, I like that. The weekdays blend with the weekends and it feels like every night is an appropriate night to get drunk.

I have been really missing school this fall. It feels weird not to be going back to school. No sharp pencils, 1.5 rule paper, or worry about where your classes are. It refreshing, but I would be lying if I didn't confess a little jealousy for all those bright eyed eager learners. I just joined a writing group here in Asheville. I am struck by a couple of things about it. The first is that, unlike school, all of these people have chosen to be there, an also unlike school, it costs nothing. The other thing that is interesting about it is that there are people of all ages there and they are all smart and interesting. This further backs up all of my problems with conventional education.


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