Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Is In The Air

1. i made a quilt for Hallie because she is the sweetest cat in the world. she doesn't really like it that much, but when ever i come across her sleeping i gently drape it over her. 

2. joel and i went to farmers market last saturday and got so much good food. i feel so much better about spending money on produce when i am at the farmers market. 

3. there were so many kids at the farmers market. so cute. 

4. i am thinking about buying a camera. i am not sure yet. i don't know if i should spend a lot of money or if i should go for a lower quality camera. the truth is anything is going to be better than my iphone. 

5. it's truly jacket weather here. love it. love it. love it. 

6. the moment before i put her sweet little quilt on her. 

7. i got the blue and white mug the other day and it reminds me of the patten on my moms pyrex. i love it. 

8. trying to do some writing. entering the NPR fiction context. 600 words of less. about a president, real or fictional. you should do it. 

9. i found another clip board to hang on the wall.

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