Friday, December 9, 2011

This is what happens when you go to Whole Foods:

I went to Whole Foods today and I picked up a few things. Maybe I got the most expensive things in the store, but I was shocked when I got the the register and it was forty bones. I was like "who slipped the diamonds into my basket?" The girl at the register did not think that was a funny joke and smiled a smile of "I'm smiling cause it's my job and I hate it". Thanks Whole Foods. Thanks. 

Even though Whole Foods is so damn expensive, they do have some sweet compostable food containers. Though these are very ascetically pleasing I am not sure about their structural integrity. There was a thick layer of grease on the table after I scarfed down the contents of the container, gross. 
And I couldn't really get the lid on, but that might not have been a fault of the container and more a problem with the amount that I was trying to put in it.


  1. It took me the better part of two hours to make this thing.

  2. biotin!!! are you growing your hair/nails?

  3. Yeah. I am trying to get my hair to grow. I think that it's working!!!


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