Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Photos from around the house

This year has been crazy for me. I went to college, fell in love, moved in with a boy, got a job at a wonderful restaurant, watched a relationship fall apart, picked up the pieces, made friends, drank more than I have in previous years, learned so much, etc.

More than anything I feel blessed looking back on this year. So blessed to have the family that I do, the friends that I do, and all the amazing opportunities that are constantly being presented to me. A big thanks to everyone for helping me through the hard times and laughing through the good ones.

Looking forward to another great year!

--You don't take pictures of your groceries??
--Self care y'all. Self care.
--Self Portrait. Yes I do take pictures of me in the bath. Yes. Absolutely no shame!
--Some zesty orange sugar for ginger snaps.
--Some budgeting. If you look close you can spot a spelling error. I am fine with it though.
--Part of my new room.

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