Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today was a winner of a day. Woke up early, did some Blogging, went to a great Yoga class, visited the Theater, had some dinner, and took a fruitless bike ride in search of a man that I owe 93 cents to.

After my day wound down, I found myself sitting on the couch repeatedly checking my Facebook and Gmail accounts. At this moment I realized that this was a waste of my time and I decided to bust out my knitting needles. I proceeded to make one entire mitten in about twenty minutes, they don't call me "lightening spice" for nothing. I just messing with you, I don't think that it is humanly possible to knit mittens in twenty minutes.

Here are some pictures:

I don't like making mittens because you feel a moment of satisfaction and joy that is too quickly eclipsed by the fact that you have to go through the same toil so that you can have a pair of mittens. 

If you are interested in creating something that looks like these mittens I suggest that you go to the site:

Stay tuned for more updates, 

Leah (lightening spice)

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