Saturday, November 19, 2011

Lesson Learned

Over the summer I decided that I wanted to have a sweet cartilage piercing on my left ear. I was up late one night with some friends and I decided that I was going to pierce it right then and there. This was not that crazy of an idea, I had done this before with great results. The tools were gathered: needle, alcohol (for sterilizing the needle), an apple, ice, and an earring. I don't really know how to pierce an ear, but I was very inspired by a scene in the Parent Trap where they pierce their own ears at camp. 

The piercing went fine, great really. It didn't hurt at all, and the dudes that I was with were all impressed by my pain tolerance. But it hurts now, a lot. Like so much that I cannot sleep on that side of my head. The real problem here is that it looks really cool. I love having my cartilage pierced, but hurts. They say that beauty is painful, but how far should I take that. I would say that running (which I do for beauty) hurts as much as this hurts, but you wouldn't tell me to stop running. The title of this piece is called Lesson Learned, but I'm not sure that I have actually learned a lesson. I think that this is less of a lesson and more of the first steps on a journey towards figuring out how much I will sacrifice for beauty: personal comfort, a lot of money, etc.

The piercing 

Post piercing

Grimace of pain 

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