Friday, September 9, 2011

Moriah Spicer

So here's the deal, my sister Moriah doesn't read my blog, which means that I can say whatever I want about her here! First of all: she's hilarious, and she tried really hard to achieve this. She is sort of living proof that people who are not naturally funny can get there, through hard work and long hours of studying.  Also, she's so beautiful, motivated, and she has an amazing job. I look up to her more than I let on, because, I'll be honest here, she doesn't need to have a bigger ego. I'm moving in with her soon and that's going to be great. Half of me is looking forward to it and the other half is crossing fingers and praying to gods that I don't even believe in, that living together won't ruin our friendship. We have big plans for living together. The main plan is living together. And we are going to start a fashion blog, keep your eyes open for that.

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